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Make your bathroom accessible to everyone

If you have a handicapped member of your family, ADA faucets and fixtures can make a huge difference. From grab bars to faucets, Benach Plumbing will make your bathroom safer.

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 •  Faucets

 •  Fixtures

 •  Grab bars

 •  Handicapped-accessible showers

 •  Over 28 years' experience

 •  Reliable workmanship

 •  And more

A range of ADA faucets and fixtures

For over 28 years, Benach Plumbing has been offering expert plumbing and more to the Florissant, Missouri area.


You can trust our licensed plumbers to safely install your ADA faucets and fixtures. Call today to learn more about our history of experience with these installations.

Experienced, high-quality work

Learn more about ADA fixtures:


ADA faucets and fixtures will make using the bathroom easy for handicapped family members. Call today to find out more!

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